On tour with the Duncan Crew
Emil Lamprecht, Me, and Paul Escolar in Sacramento CA

I’m on my first tour with Duncan and having a great time! The first day was Emil Lamprecht, Paul Escolar, Nate Sutter and me, but Nate had to leave on the morning of day two. It’s actually harder work than I expected. The main thing that is tough is the schedule. We’re up early every day for a dawn tv spot, then off to a couple of demos, and then a drive to a new city. I had thought that I would be able to get my own work done in the evenings, but we’re all just too tired, and we have to be up early the next morning anyway. Despite all that though, it is great to be a part of a tour after all these years, and I’m going to see if I can hook up with the tour again when it gets to the East Coast. Check out the schedule here.

The Duncan Crew tour van
Paul Escolar in front of the tour van looking poised & confident as usual.