I have only lived in Pittsburgh since August, and I absolutely love it here. Like anywhere though, there are some problems, and for the most part they are very minor. When we moved here people were complaining about the potholes, but it really didn’t seem bad to me at all. Well, that’s because it was the middle of summer. Now, at the end of winter the potholes are ridiculous. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that some of them are 12 inches deep. It’s unbelievable. It has gotten so bad that it actually changes traffic patterns and the way people drive.

I have had locals tell me that the city can’t fix them in the winter because of the cold. That’s baloney. I have seen pothole crews out in the winter in Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota, and two of the three have WAY worse winters that Pittsburgh. Another pal told me that the potholes don’t get fixed because the city is so broke. That I can believe, but I hope they get it together soon, or I’m going to start thinking there is a conspiracy between the city and the auto mechanics. At one shop I even saw a “Pothole Special” that included wheel alignment, brake check, tire rotation/inspection, and a shoulder to cry on. (Ok, I made up the part about the shoulder.)

Although there is still a long way to go until we are back to smooth sailing, yesterday I noticed that the two craters on my block had been filled in. Yay! Spring is here!