It was awesome. Unfortunately, since I had recorded them off pay channels, I was forced to watch the vastly inferior cropped non-widescreen versions. You wouldn’t think it would matter that much, but when two characters are having a deep moment, and you can only see half of one of their faces on one side of the screen, and just an ear on the other side of the screen, you really notice the difference.

I watched Episode 1-3 on Saturday, and 4-6 on Sunday, and since I have never watched them all so close together, I had never noticed that C3-PO gets blown apart in almost every movie.  And it’s always hilarious!  What a great thing to have a character who makes you laugh every time they get an arm torn off.

My Star Wars binge reminded me that I want to own all the movies on DVD.  After some searching on the internet, it seems as though there is no such thing as six-movie box set.  Weird.  There was one 11 disk set that I found, but it was foreign I think, and it seemed risky.  Like maybe it was bootleg, and you’d have a copy of a film that was made by some dude sitting in the theater with a video camera, chewing on popcorn right next to the microphone.  I guess I’ll have to wait.