Friday night I had some time to kill in Manitowoc WI, so I went to see a movie. I was up there because I had a gig the next morning, and I was staying in a dive hotel. The movie I chose to see was Rush Hour 3, and I would not recommend it.

The experience of seeing the movie was kind of strange by itself. I unintentionally got to the theater 45 minutes early, so I decided to try to find a pinball machine to help me kill some time. The theater only had Street Fighter, an out-of-order driving game, and a console that had a bunch of classics that were all out of focus.  No pinball though, so I ventured outside. There was no one on the sidewalks at all, but each of the four bars I went into was packed. It was very odd. It felt kind of like a movie except for the lack of tumbleweeds. There were lots of video poker and Golden Tee golf games, but no pinball to be found.

I went back to the theater, and sat down to read the news on my mobile phone while I waited for the movie to start. There was one other person in the theater who had gotten there way too early, an older woman with a GIANT soda, and I’m sure she was there early because the time in the paper was not the same time that they were actually playing the movie.  Of course I was that early because I had nothing better to do than just show up at the theater without checking the showtimes and hope it would all work out.   I really thought that more people would join us by the time the movie started, but no. It was just her and me… the whole time. Comedies are way more fun to watch in a large group, but the fact that there were only two of us didn’t stop me from laughing out loud at the funny parts… and as far as I could tell, giant soda lady just sat there in silence.