I travel and use maps all the time and my favorite map site is Google Maps, but it no longer allows you to print out the maps.  Perhaps it no longer works with Macs, I don’t know, but I did figure a way around Google Maps’ shortcomings.

If you hit the print button you either get a less useful small version of your map with the printed directions on the side, or you get no map at all.  What I have started doing is just taking a screenshot of the section of the browser window that I want, and printing it out as an image.  You can do that like this:

Press + Shift + 4 – You then get a crosshair cursor. With the crosshair cursor select a rectangular area of the screen that you want to take a picture of.

The image will automatically be saved onto your Mac desktop, you open it and print it.  Easy!  Not as easy as if the site still worked, but that’s how it goes.

Thanks to Nini’s World for the directions for the screenshot.